Food Drive


Cash Donations

Pantries that partner with the Food Bank of Iowa can purchase food much cheaper than your dollar would go at the grocery store! Many of our local food pantries are able to purchase at the "shared maintenance" cost (free for perishable items and $0-$.16 per pound for non-perishables). Cash donations will go straight to the food pantries, giving them maximum flexibility to purchase needed items as they run low. You can write a check, drop off cash, or NEW - donate through Venmo!

Donate via Venmo

Physical Donations

Check out the pantry wish list below, or grab some of your favorite items next time you're at the store! Think of what you'd like to feed your family. Cake mixes with cooking oil, mixed nuts for a healthy snack. Plus, some high-demand items (like paper products) aren't in stock at the food bank, thus can't be purchased at a reduced rate, and the pantry needs them on their shelves for local families! 

Click here for a shopping list of high demand pantry items!

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