Strategic Plan

Summer Enrichment


To improve the quality of life in our community for individuals and families.


United Way of Story County is a strategic leader in building countywide partnerships to identify needs and to develop, support, and evaluate effective human services, especially in the areas of healtheducation, and financial stability for our diverse community.


  • Provide leadership to identify community human service needs and to develop strategies to meet needs.
  • Acquire and provide resources and develop partnerships for infrastructure support, financial support, and human capacity for meeting human service needs.
  • Facilitate the planning, development, support, implementation, and evaluation of innovative human service programs that address identified needs


  • Determine community needs using sound assessment practices
  • Encourage, develop, expand, and enhance effective partnerships to meet community needs
  • Proactively encourage responsiveness, cooperation, continuous improvement, and community awareness of identified needs and human service programs
  • Incorporate research and initiatives from United Way Worldwide and United Ways of Iowa and adapt to Story County needs   
Resource Acquisition
  • Build a strong financial base to support the vision and mission of UWSC through an annual giving program, a growing endowment, UWSC events, governmental initiatives, and public and private grant support
  • Systematically grow the Endowment to provide perpetual support for the vision and mission of UWSC
  • Develop a diverse pool of volunteers that accurately reflects the representation of the county and develop leadership succession at all levels
Resource Utilization
  • Ensure internal and external accountable financial management and planning
  • Expand the UWSC grants program through the allocations process
  • Maintain efficient and cost-effective administrative operations, staffing and facilities
  • Advocate, support and strengthen the ASSET process