United Way of Story County is impacting our community in the areas of healtheducation, and financial stability, and leadership donors make a significant difference in the work being done. Our general leadership donors give $1,000 or more annually to our LIVE UNITED campaign. Leadership donors have a strong commitment to helping others and creating lasting change in our communities. Together, we have the opportunity to address Story County's most critical needs while building your personal and professional goals as a community leader.

2020 Leadership Committee

Steve Goodhue - 2020 Campaign Chair

Calli Sanders - 2021 Campaign Chair

Rick Sanders - 2021 Campaign Chair

Roger Kluesner - 2022 Campaign Chair

Scott Bauer

Scott Bleich

Gary Botine

Dan Culhane

Brian Dieter

Mike Espeset

Bill Fennelly

Deb Fennelly

Yvonne Kinzler

John Russell

Rick Schreier

Brian Schwartze

Austin Woodin

Scott Zahnle

Iowa State Leadership Committee

John Lawrence - ISU Campaign Chair

Dan Grooms - ISU Leadership Chair

David Spalding - Tocqueville Campaign Chair

Dawn Bratsch Prince

Kristen Constant

Joe Colletti

Sam Easterling

Pete Englin

Larissa Holtmyer Jones

Laura Jolly

Jamie Pollard

Dan Robison

Valentina Salotti

Beate Schmittmann

Adam Schwartz

Hilary Seo

Reg Stewart