Story County College Access Network

Story County College Access Network (SCCAN) is one of 13 networks across Iowa funded through Iowa College Aid. SCCAN brings together representatives from education, business, non-profit, government and philanthropy sectors to increase awareness and coordination among existing resources, identify gaps, and develop solutions that will better prepare individuals for post-secondary educational opportunities and careers. Of special interest will be the ability to better identify supports and pathways available to low income students, students of color, and first generation college-going students in order to make sure they are not being left out of existing or future opportunities. Expanding efforts to skill up adults who don’t currently have a post-secondary education in order to further their careers and increase their earning potential is also of interest. 

Leadership Team:


Latifah Faisal, Story County Board of Supervisors


Sandra King, Story County External Operations and County Services


Tracy Brown, Burke Corporation

Brenda Dryer, Ames Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development


Taylor Schram, Center for Creative Justice

Malai Amfahr, UWSC/Story County Reads

Jerri Baumeister, United Way of Story County

Anneke Mundel, United Way of Story County

Liz Zuercher, Story County Community Foundation

Sally Elbert, YSS


Steve Gray, Nevada Community School District

Reginald Chhen Stewart, Iowa State University

Anthony Jones, Ames Community School District

Jeff Kelly, DMACC, Career Advantage

Vicki Hales, Ames Community School District


Lee Chhen Stewart


Megan Sibbel


SCCAN infographic


For questions or more information, please contact Lee Chhen Stewart