Leadership and Award History

Volunteers are a huge part of United Way of Story County's work. Board members, campaign volunteers, program partners, event volunteers, and more are all important to United Way's vision of improving the quality of life for individuals and families in our community. While it would be impossible to recognize everyone who makes a difference, the names below give an idea of the many people who work/who have worked selflessly to make an impact in Story County. The table immediately following indicates board president, campaign chair and amount raised by year, and the award history table below lists the Wall of Fame, Spirit Award and Chair's Leadership honorees by year. 

Year Amount Raised Campaign Chair Board President
1953 $38,867.29 Zac Dunlap Mortimer Goodwin
1954 $31,360.00 A.B. Knapp Mortimer Goodwin
1955 $46,320.50 Don Bledsoe Harold Hegland
1956 $49,999.00 Max Shelton A.B. Knapp
1957 $52,021.00 John Engledinger Hollis Nordyke
1958 $52,527.09 Ira Hoddinott Robert Stafford
1959 $56,248.00 William P. Nichols E.C. Johnson
1960 $54,156.60 Verle Burgason Ira Hoddinott
1961 $59,801.87 Keith Dickson Dudley Triplett
1962 $53,670.44 Bill Boyken Verle Burgason
1963 $62,728.39 Richard Gillis H.M. Black
1964 $60,197.39 Charles Frederiksen C.C. Van Houweling
1965 $68,730.00 Bob Carey Richard Gillis
1966 $74,375.00 Dan Krieger Charles Frederiksen
1967 $75,742.00 Charles Benson Robert Carey
1968 $92,000.00 Harold Pride Dan Krieger
1969 $103,498.28 Conrad Stephenson Charles Benson
1970 $99,296.75 Don Stevens Jess Terrones
1971 $133,000.00 Verle Burgason Esther Whetstone
1972 $142,500.00 Keith Dickson Warren Madden
1973 $152,987.58 Carl Hamilton Harry Weiss
1974 $158,700.81 Bill Allen Mary Moore
1975 $160,533.00 Warren Madden Mary McKinney
1976 $171,894.60 John Dasher Charles Samuels
1977 $196,000.00 Helen LeBaron Hilton Linda Dasher
1978 $216,421.00 Warren Sargent John Doyle
1979 $241,312.80 R.A. "Joe" Morton Phil O'Berry
1980 $244,869.00 Paul Gergen Charles Frederiksen
1981 $282,617.00 Tom Thielen Larry Reed
1982 $299,340.18 Betty Jo Harker Ruth Deacon
1983 $318,447.00 Duane Sandage Janis Marvin
1984 $342,060.00 Wayne Moore Doug Williams
1985 $375,500.00 George White John Klienschmidt
1986 $400,513.00 Jon McCoy Dave Lendt
1987 $423,804.00 Larry Wenzl John Richard
1988 $463,931.00 W. Robert Parks Mary Ann Evans
1989 $502,351.00 Mary Kay Abbott Randy Hertz
1990 $557,473.00 Dennis Tice Fred Miller
1991 $605,000.00 Marvin Walter Barbara Woods
1992 $601,170.00 Beverly Crabtree David Pfeifle
1993 $612,069.00 Chuck Elder Mary Kitchell
1994 $666,325.00 Mary Kitchell Jami Larson
1995 $624,000.00 Erb Hunziker John Tillo
1996 $683,000.00 Russ Cross Allen Weber
1997 $732,655.00 James Melsa Vern Henricks
1998 $785,054.00 Linda Dasher Frankee Oleson
1999 $877,018.00 Warren Madden Gary McConnell
2000 $901,970.54 Dan Krieger Terri Hasselman/Candi Kelly
2001 $974,879.46 Betty Baudler/Dan Krieger Keith Barnes
2002 $1,044,258.64 Dean Hunziker Mary Christy
2003 $1,155,374.00 Jami Larson Tom Pohlman
2004 $1,201,994.00 Dick Johnson Steve Goodhue
2005 $1,291,758.00 Chuck Jons Joyce Durlam/Dick Seagrave
2006 $1,391,271.00 Tom Pohlman Dick Seagrave
2007 $1,485,651.00 Steve Koger Brian Dieter
2008 $1,562,724.30 Mary Christy Rick Hugdahl
2009 $1,615,425.79 John Russell Jenn Plagman-Galvin
2010 $1,645,107.33 Brian Dieter Dave Morris
2011 $1,726,245.21 Gary Botine Steve McGill
2012 $1,805,949.32 Jane Acker Wendy Wintersteen
2013 $1,905,387.97 Scott Bauer Chris Snyder
2014 $2,058,832.67 John Kinley Doug Ragaller
2015 $2,118,611.50 Jonathan Wickert Pete Englin
2016 $2,165,524 Yvonne Kinzler Karen Kiel Rosser
2017 $2,210,891 Dan Culhane Scott Bleich
2018 $2,230,206.19 Bill and Deb Fennelly Martino Harmon
2019 $2,135,224.69 Mike Espeset Kim Linduska
2020 $2,375,476.64 Steve Goodhue Pam White
2021 $2,055,688.92 Rick and Calli Sanders David A. Inyang
2022 $2,135,338.84 Roger Kluesner Jonathan Wickert
2023 $2,250,583.81 Kevin Brooks Amber Deardorff


2023 campaign
2023 Campaign Chair Kevin Brooks with campaign total announcement
The Wall of Fame award was started in 2000 to honor United Way of Story County annual campaign volunteers who have gone beyond the call of duty. The Spirit Award is given to an individual from a United Way of Story County partner agency (volunteer or staff, but not executive director) who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, professionalism, pride, and commitment to the spirit of United Way as well as a genuine desire to improve the quality of life for people who live and work in Story County. And the Chair’s Leadership Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated a history of great leadership and assistance in directing and shaping United Way. 
Year Wall of Fame Spirit Award Chair's Leadership Award Collaboration & Innovation Award Community Impact Champion
1994  N/A N/A Mary Kitchell    
1996 N/A Ken Dunker N/A    
1997 N/A Marty Lester N/A    
1998 N/A Don Faas Fred Miller    
1999 N/A Harold Graham Dan Krieger    
2000 Barb Sprague Martha Selby N/A    
2001 Rod Bodholdt & Craig Boylan Ruth Swenson Julia & Wallace Sanders    
2002 N/A Monica Porter Kathy Martin    
2003 Dorothy & Frank Horn Beth Cross & Jan Beran Warren Madden & Frankee Oleson    
2004 Kathy Emmel Carol Kenealy Jerry Sloan    
2005 Kathy Martin Peggy Johnson Dale Henricks    
2006 Irene Beavers Betty Merrick Jan Putnam    
2007 Shelley Goecke Tom Purvis Mary Christy    
2008 Jim Oleson Randi Peters Barb Sprague    
2009 Judy & Ron Krull Trish Strah Rick Hugdahl    
2010 Sara Lehman John Timmons Steve Koger    
2011 Carla Persaud Michelle Boster Ruth Swenson    
2012 Rebecca Anderson Bev Ross Steve McGill    
2013 Elizabeth Wilt-Cable Doug Jones Doug Ragaller    
2014 Wayne Clinton Carol Elbert & Carolyn Jons Rick Schreier    
2015 Becky Stadlman Alan Christy Roger Kluesner    
2016 Jean Schlapia Patsy Beese Pete Englin    
2017 David Spalding Terri Johanson Karen Kiel Rosser    
2018 Janet Lovell Troy Jansen Scott Bleich    
2019 Lisa Packer Amber Corrieri Board of Directors Wheels for Work - Ames Ford Lincoln Burke Corporation
2020       Story County Immigrant Fund Ames Chamber of Commerce
2021       Story County Quality of Life Alliance

ISU Student Athletes

2022       Nevada Food at First Dan and Donna Grooms
2023       Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program Knapp Tedesco Assured Partners


Collaboration and Innovation Award
Community Impact Champion
Collaboration and Innovation Award - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program (left)
Community Impact Champion Awardee - Knapp Tedesco Assured Partners (right)