Food Drive

Due to COVID-19, United Way's annual LIVE UNITED Food Drive has gone virtual!

The virtual food drive is happening NOW! Donations will go to our county food pantries, giving them maximum flexibility to purchase needed items as they run low. As many of our food pantries are partners of the Food Bank of Iowa, they are able to purchase food and other necessities at the "shared maintenance" cost (free for perishable items and $0-$.16 per pound for non-perishables). 

This year, our goal is to supply our pantries with the capacity to purchase 75,000 pounds of food to ensure they can keep up with the increasing demand. This would equal about 62,500 meals at a calculation of 1.2 lbs per meal (this is how Map the Meal Gap/Feeding America does its calculations).

**If you still want to donate physical items, please check out our pantries requested items here.**

Food Drive flyer

In lieu of traditional non-perishable food and supply donations, please consider making a cash donation to benefit our pantries! 

Click the button below to donate and select the Food Drive fund from the drop down.