College of Business Faculty Get Drenched for United Way of Story County

Iowa State University College of Business celebrated its advocacy for United Way of Story County (UWSC) through its annual “Chill for the Bills” event held last Wednesday, October 12.  In its third year, the event raised nearly $3,400 for the United Way annual campaign. The funds donated in 2016 exceed the 2015 amount by more than $1,000. 
Participants voted with dollars and coins to determine which of the 14 College of Business celebrities would be drenched with ice water. Both the candidate with the most money in their jar at the end of the donation period and the candidate with the least money were at risk of being drenched during the event. Candidates were given the option to buy-out by matching the amount of money in their jar with a donation of their own that would also go to UWSC.
The two finalists were David Spalding, dean of the College of Business, and Russell Laczniak, interim associate dean for the College of Business. Both finalists braved the bucket of ice water in the low 40-degree weather.
 "What fun and what great sports to be able to do this for us, not only on a day in October, but an extremely chilly day in October,” said Jean Kresse, president and CEO of United Way of Story County. "We're so grateful. This event builds awareness about United Way in a fun way, and we are so excited that the College of Business is helping to spread our message."
Spalding, who also volunteers for UWSC as the 2016 Tocqueville Campaign Chair, saw the event as a great way to get students engaged in the campaign as a way of giving back to the community.
“We need to realize that there is need in our county, and we need to make sure that we are giving back. [Working with] United Way is an ideal way to do that,” Spalding said. 
The event was coordinated by the Iowa State Business Council, a student organization in the College of Business. The drenching took place in front of Gerdin. This is a student-led fundraising activity. 
Photo 1: David Spalding, dean of the College of Business, getting dumped with a bucket of ice water for a fundraising event that benefits United Way of Story County
Photo 2: Candidates for the College of Business’ fundraising event “Chill for the Bills”
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