Chris was in the early stages of recovery from meth addiction and was receiving substance use counseling, mental health therapy, and psychiatric services at YSS when COVID-19 shut down offices statewide. In an effort to protect his aging parents with whom he lives, Chris was extremely isolated at the start of the pandemic. During this early period of social distancing, Chris, who suffers from anxiety and has a history of trauma, was in a panic and at the highest reported risk of relapse since he began working with the YSS team. Chris’s anxiety worsened and he functioned poorly.

Thankfully, all behavioral health services moved quickly to telehealth, which has allowed Chris to maintain appointments with his treatment team online via Skype. The continuity of care has proven to be critical to Chris’s success. Not only has he not experienced a relapse, but Chris has been proactive in managing his physical and mental health over the last few weeks. He has taken better care of himself by engaging in yoga and meditation, and has even made progress towards securing employment.

With support, Chris has a bright future.