LIVE UNITED Food Drive Results



Thank you to our 2024
participating sites and donors! 

Your support of our annual LIVE UNITED Food Drive made a huge difference again this year. The impact those donations will have on the 20+ pantries and programs that will receive items and donations is huge. Thank you for helping local individuals and families with needed food security. In total, more than 20,000 pounds of donations (food and hygiene items) have been collected. In addition, more than $10,000 has been collected to support food security in our communities. For more information on the annual food drive, please email Anneke Mundel at




Most Needed Pantry Items: Nevada Middle School with 252 donations

Most Pounds: Nevada Middle School with 422 pounds

Most Dollars: ISU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (CyCans) with $3,193


Most Needed Pantry Items: Todd & Sargent with 664 donations

Most Pounds - Large Org: McFarland Clinic with 2,689 pounds

Most Pounds - Small/Medium Org: Kinzler Corporation with 818 pounds

Most Dollars: Ortho2 with $1,235


Most Needed Pantry Items: Ames National Laboratory with 138 donations

Most Pounds: ISU Department of Residence with 2,553 pounds and College of Engineering with 328 pounds

Most Dollars: Ivy College of Business with $2,185

Food Drive impact

LIVE UNITED Food Drive Annual Impact: