Scholarship Program

In 2011, Women United began offering scholarships for participants interested in obtaining a HiSET, associate or bachelor's degree, or program certification. Any woman who has completed the money management series since 2008 is eligible to apply for the scholarship.

The Women United Scholarship award will provide up to $1,000 ($500 maximum each of two semesters) towards HiSET or post-secondary education expenses. Post-secondary education expenses may include a two-year or four-year institution or a certification program. Scholarship recipients must agree to be partnered with and meet regularly with a mentor from the Women United program. This scholarship may not be used retroactively toward student loans or toward graduate school programs.


"After attending the workshops, I decided I wanted to go back to school. I had the tools to look at my options and set up a budget, and I realized that I could go back. I started school, for the second time, last year. I received a scholarship from the Women United program. Without it I couldn’t afford to go back. I have a mentor who is the most amazing woman I know. She was there during my first semester when I didn’t think I was going to make it and gave me the encouragement to continue, so much in fact that I made the Dean’s List my second semester. Having her and the WU program means the world to me. It makes me want to succeed and makes me work extra hard." 


"The scholarship has helped me so much to not only pay for tuition and books, but it has also linked me to a wonderful mentor.  She has been so helpful to me by offering to bring me old fabric scraps and thread so I can practice sewing to just being there to listen when I’m stressed and giving advice on many topics; financial and personal.  I want to make her proud of me so I work hard at what I’m doing and that feels great to know that I have someone who really cares about me and my future.  I want my kids to see that anything is possible and people are willing to help get you to where you want to be." 


"Until the moment I learned about the scholarship for Women United graduates, I didn’t believe there was any way that I could continue my college education. With the scholarship I received, I was able to return to school paying only a small portion out of pocket. Pursuing advanced education in a field I’m passionate about will enable me to educate and empower women. It’s my opportunity to “give back” to the community which is furthering my education."


If you are interested in learning more about the scholarship program or would like a copy of the application form, please contact or call (515) 268-5142.