Mentoring Program

The purpose of the Women United mentoring component is to help Women United participants achieve self-sufficiency and confidence through one-on-one money management discussions. After completing the money management workshop series, participants have the opportunity to work with a trained community mentor to take what they learned during the workshop sessions and apply it to their personal situation. Mentors work with participants on setting and reaching short-term financial goals, as well as setting long-term goals and establishing steps to reach them. Short-term goals may typically include creating a spending plan and strategies for following it, opening and managing a bank account, saving, and reducing debt. Long-term goals typically include purchasing a new vehicle, owning a home, saving for children's education, and eliminating debt. Short-term and long-term goals may extend beyond basic financial goals to include topics such as job searching, finding affordable housing and childcare, and going back to school. Mentors serve as a source of information and encouragement as participants work toward their goals. Many lifelong relationships have been built through the Women United mentoring program. View a short video to hear about the impact first-hand.
Although it varies from partnership to partnership, mentors typically meet every one to two weeks with their mentee, for a total of six or more meetings. Meetings generally last 1-1 1/2 hours. It is recommended that these meetings be held in a public location that is conveniently located for the mentee.

Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

Women United is looking for women interested in volunteering to serve as mentors. The primary role of the mentor is to provide support and encouragement as the mentee identifies financial goals and action steps and implements strategies for achieving them. Read more about being a mentor.

Are you interested in working with a mentor?

If you are motivated to make a difference in your financial well-being and committed to achieving your short and long term financial goals, working with a mentor can help you put into practice what you have learned in the five-part money management series. Your mentor can provide you with encouragement and support as you establish your financial goals and work through the action steps necessary to accomplish them. At your initial meeting, you and your mentor will get to know each other and work together to complete your Financial Mentoring Plan. Additional meetings will focus on setting and reviewing your goals and identifying the steps and resources needed to achieve them. Mentees should expect to communicate regularly with their mentor and attend all scheduled meetings. Mentees are expected to take steps toward reaching their goals between meetings with their mentor.  

If you're ready to apply to be a mentor, please fill out this intake form: Mentor Application

If you'd like to work with a mentor or receive more information about the mentoring program, please email or by phone at (515) 268-5142. 


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