Current YLS Members

In its first year (2011), nearly 80 members joined the Young Leaders Society and contributed more than $28,000 to help Story County LIVE UNITED. And more than 100 members have been involved each year since then. Many thanks to the following Young Leaders Society members who joined or renewed during the 2017 LIVE UNITED Campaign! Your involvement makes a difference!

2017 YLS Members 

Chelsey and Cameron Aisenbrey

Hollie and Andrew Allen*

Jaclyn and Brian Anderzhon

Katie and Jon Augustus*

Shannon Bardole-Foley and Jason Foley

Timothy Beavers

Jenny and Brett Benedict

Penny Blackburn

Alicia Blair

Nathan Bogema

William Boulden*

Shannon and Garey Bryan**

Jamie and Erik Bunker

Sarah and Nathan Buss

Angela and Jarod Carl*

Kelsey and Josh Carper

Bonnie Castro

Laura and Daniel Clouse*

Lauren Cook

Amber and Damien Corrieri*

Hope and Mike Craft

Estefania and Kyle Current

Amber and Lucas Deardorff*

Angie and Jon DeWaard

Chelsie Dickson

Robyn Dodd*

Sarah and Allen Dvorak*

Adam Egeland*

Jennifer and Paul Ellis

Samuel Esch

Lyndsey and Billy Fennelly*

Tara Fisher

Jenny and Tom Gallagher

Emily and Ben Gibson*

Tillie and Steve Good

Stephanie Gott**

Stephanie Grassley

Lina Gurtovoy and Gil Drachuck

Sara and Matthew Hackbart

John Hall

Katherine Hallenbeck

Michele and Jonathan Hand

Kim Hanna

Jennifer and Cory Hanson

Jasen Harmelink

Brea and Ryan Harms

Akelo Harris

Courtney Hartwig

Chrystel Hatcher

Clayton Heathman

Alicia Henry

Katharine Hensley

Heidi and Neil Holland

Heidi and Taylor Hopper

Jodi and Tim Hurn*

Courtney and Joel Jacobsen*

Jeralyn Jacobsen

Trent Jacobson

Nick Johnson

Emily and Nick Johnson

Kristin Johnson

Keri Kain*

Drew Kamp

Chad Kellner

Casey Kerkmann

Keisha Kleeman

Janelle and Eric Lehmkuhl*

Thomas Leiferman

Sarah and Jay Lettow

Alex and Rusty Lundberg

Jared Marcotte

Michael Marusiak

Kristin and Trey Mason

Matthew Mason

Michael McCool

Justin Mease

George Micalone

Laura Mogler

Janelle Moore

Janessa Moore

Edward Moran

Rebecca Morgan

Jessica and Jason Mortvedt

Charles O'Brien

William O'Connor

Julia and Brandon Omtvedt

Lisa and Brandon Oxley*

Kristin and Bryan Pates*

Jennifer Pavlovec

Lisa and Brian Phillips

Jenny and AJ Pollard

Allie and Jason Prusa

Tina and Doug Ragaller*

Amanda and Ted Rasmusson*

Allen Raushel*

Gaila and John Rearick

Elizabeth and James Richards

Carrie and Andrew Ricklefs

Melanie Rogotzke

Lindsey Rolfs

Amy Rosenberg

Brian and Mark Rowe-Barth

Teresa and Tim Rummer

Valentina Salotti and Mark Looney*

Jon Sargent

Danielle Schmitt

Hayley Schumacher

Laura and Nathan Scott

Autumn and Andrew Seiler*

Stephen Shatzer

Andre Silva

Zechariah Simonson

Preston Snyder

Cora Sondgeroth

Jana and Troy Staudt

Mindy and Graig Stensland

Cara Stone

Melany Stonewall

Jenni and Jake Talbott

Cherie and Brian Torresi*

Leslie and Jake Van Dyke

Ashley and John Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn

Steven Walter

Lindsey and Paul Wanderscheid

Jenniffer Westfall and Richard Peters

Kaylinn Willson

Sara and Travis Wilson

Theodore Wolff

Jacob Woodley

Jacob Zimmerman*


* denotes leadership donors
** denotes Women United donors
Updated March 2018