Ames Community School District

Community issues cannot be addressed in vacuums; problems facing our neighbors are interconnected and compound on one another. United Way is in a position to face these challenges head on with the team of partner agencies, strong coalitions, subject matter experts, business support, and volunteers. 

Thank you for being a partner in this work.

Because of your past support, we are ready to lead COVID-19 response and recovery work in the area of human services. Our efforts can be categorized on a continuum as:

  1. Responding to the most urgent human service needs
  2. Serving the community as people adjust to changing circumstances
  3. Reimagining systems and building more resilient communities

The inequities in health, education, and financial stability of our community have always existed, but have never been more apparent. United Way can build a Story County that thrives through our community impact work. By 2025, we are committed to achieving the following community impact goals: 

  • Health: Improve community health by serving 4,500 more people 
  • Education: Decrease the achievement gap by reaching 30% more underserved learners 
  • Financial Stability: Strengthen financial stability by increasing the number of people served by 25% 

Thank you for your past commitment and continued support. We believe in The Power of Community.


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In times of crisis, times of recovery, and times of growth,

United Way of Story County is here.