About Women with Initiative

The Women with Initiative project was set in motion when a group of women recognized the leadership potential of women in Story County and the opportunity to make a difference in their communities. Focus groups were formed and one theme permeated discussions - helping people achieve self-sufficiency. After much brainstorming, a steering committee identified financial literacy as the key component needed to build self-sufficiency. It is through the leadership of the Women with Initiative members, volunteers and staff that our mission of helping women achieve self-sufficiency and confidence through financial education is realized. 

Memberships began in 2008 with these Charter Members:

Front row, left to right: Tanya Anderson, Elizabeth Wilt-Cable, Sarah Buck, Frankee Oleson, Mary Beth Oostenbrug, Darlene Hunziker, Randi Peters, Bobbie Boeke, Mary Christy, Elizabeth Baird, Louise McCormick, Selva Lehman. Bank row, left to right: Laura West, Nicole Gebhart, Larissa Holtmyer Jones, Lynn Whisler, Carolyn Jons, Beverly Madden, Elvie Cristina J. Laudencia, Suzy Shierholz, Jan Walter, Ruth W. Swenson, Karin Sevde, Kate Murphy, Linda Doyle, Shazia Manus, Phyllis Crouse

Some of our Referral Partners for Women with Initiative

Women with Initiative participants are currently referred to the program through many community agencies, including:  

  • Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support

  • Community Housing Initiative - Eastwood Apartments

  • DMACC GED Program

  • Emergency Residence Project

  • Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance 

  • ISU Childcare and Family Resources

  • Legal Aid of Story County

  • Mid-Iowa Community Action, Inc.

  • People Place/LSI

  • The Salvation Army

  • Youth and Shelter Services, Inc.

Referrals from other sources may also be eligible. If you are an employee or volunteer of a referral agency and need additional information about Women with Initiative, or if you are interested in becoming a referral agency, please contact Jerri at jbaumeister@uwstory.org or call (515) 268-5142.